We always keep on moving

The three spaces

We live immerse in a world of antagonisms: clear and dark, full and empty, big and small, in and out… Our mind tends to emphasize those divisions, making them to coexist in different conceptual spaces.
In order to overcome those divisions, we created the 3rd Space, in which those opposites live together in a perfect harmonic environment, performing a whole new and enriched totality.

Our vision

We work to build a familiar, integral studio, solid and flexible at the same time, with a constant learning environment, cooperative and synergic. We make high-quality creative projects that promote positive values in order to create a more conscious and inclusive society. We also offer creative solutions which are responsible with the society and the environment.


The directors

We are young, versatile, very responsible graphic designers who have been graduated at Universidad de Buenos Aires. By counting with different styles and skills, we share ideals, values and experiences.

The team

We work with collaborators from different areas, in order to offer an integral service and satisfy all your needs. Illustrators, animators, developers, are some of the professionals from our team.

Awards & Publications

– Premio Itaú Cultural a la Fotografía (Photography Award by Itaú Cultural): “Maravillosa Nueva York Nocturna” was chosen as the best photography in the category “Cities”.

– The illustration “Kandinsky” was awarded with a Special Mention in the Latin American Illustration Contest, organized by the VII Latin American Design Meeting at University of Palermo.

– We received a special mention for the Tercer Espacio’s business plan, given by the Entrepreneur Development Program of the Buenos Aires City Government.

– The signage Project “República de los Niños” was published in the the 352-pages book “Follow Me”, by Dopress Books LTD.

– The infography “Se7en” was published in the book “Information Visualization Design”, by Design Media Publishing Limited.